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Experiencing fully

the cover of the Kew magazine shouts out: the new way to LOVE WINTER What was wrong with the old way, I wonder. And what is the new way? Well, you have to slow down, and STOP, LOOK, LOVE   … Continue reading

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garden notes 32 pruning

I’ve been avoiding the subject of pruning. I know many people find it difficult. But here’s a start: It always comes down to: don’t try to learn about gardening, learn about plants. Gardening is too often reduced to silly rules … Continue reading

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Garden notes no. 18, Welsh poppies, Geranium sylvaticum, hellebores again, a sad dog story, Saxifraga callosa

Is it a special year for Welsh poppies? Here they are at G., both colours, with honesty still flowering in the background. Pushed into the background. By late afternoon the naked flowers have closed up: The hellebores have also seemed … Continue reading

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A proper blog post 2, mostly trains

News from the mainline, whilst waiting for the local train. A few weeks ago you saw trains which said LNER at the front and VIRGIN at the back. Now they’ve almost completed the paint job. But cleverly they’ve kept Beardie’s … Continue reading

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a proper blog post

A PROPER BLOG I said to myself, Titchmarsh, you fucking prat, for he had landed on the mat with his neatly swept back hair and complacent smile, arms folded, with words from SunLife we are meant to imagine him saying: … Continue reading

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a story from the mountains, without flowers

This is a story which I have often thought about writing but have never known how to, without making it a boring muddle, because it involves curiously mistaken identities which confused the people involved and still confuses the narrative. I … Continue reading

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searching for vibrant, august 2017

(and isn’t it infuriating how they keep turning adjectives into pretentious nouns?) I wrote about my search for the epic, vibrant South Bank here: new outrage in SE1. I’ve been there a few times since, always hopeful. The mix of heritage … Continue reading

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Icons in SE1

David ‘Born to Dare’ Beckham is currently appearing, in rotation with various “punks” for Brewdog, on a monument, a stainless steel hoarding near the Imax roundabout in Waterloo which serves to block off the view of the National Theatre, those … Continue reading

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A letter to Virgin Trains

This is a letter I’m planning to send to Virgin Trains. Would that be a good idea?  Every word is true, except the statement that I nearly wet myself on the way to the toilet. One little embellishment I allowed … Continue reading

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London Wall Place

See what it says on the hoarding? BEYOND BUSINESS.  What could it be? A cathedral? World’s biggest boozer? A brothel? I’ll let you know in due course.

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