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close to home

I’ll just get this out of the way first – I’m not a moany old git all the time although the temptations and provocations are many – it’s an ad at the bus stop: What on earth does it mean? … Continue reading

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Water, water….

I was away for a couple of weeks and when I came back the street was strangely quiet. No orange pink plastic barriers, no drilling or digging, no temporary traffic lights, no heaps of clay, no cheerful PR sign boards. … Continue reading

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Water again, fresh excavations.

The villagers of Little Downham in Cambridgeshire made a cart shed out of green oak and recycled 19th century bricks next to their thriving community orchard and woodland. In the shed are various information boards; one tells us that half … Continue reading

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Water: lids and covers, and illustrations of love

feb 8 two water related experiences today and two new water related words. A. As I was coming out of Finsbury Park station today I heard an announcement: be careful said the voice, because there was an ingress of water. … Continue reading

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Hand baked etc. no 7, love etc.

february 3 I was approached on the path that leads to St Paul’s from the millennium footbridge by two young men who asked if they could ask me about love. They had a tripod with a smart phone clipped onto … Continue reading

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more on (Thames)water

I had meant to go back to the beginnings of my recent experiences of water, in Greece, last year, to get away from this late January moment in London where water is not quite liquid, not quite frozen; a sticky … Continue reading

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hand baked from locally sourced ingredients 6, water (2), the New River

The New River is an aqueduct constructed in the 17th century to bring drinking water into London. It follows the 100 foot contour of the Lea valley from its source in Hertfordshire to Islington. It was 39 miles long, including … Continue reading

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hand-baked no. 4: come, friendly bombs!

How exciting! And look, here are some happy people! And St Paul’s, there’s always room for St Paul’s – there’s hardly anything else left. And things, nice things, random things, lots of fun: A better tomorrow! with bicycles, birds and … Continue reading

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