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Water: lids and covers, and illustrations of love

feb 8 two water related experiences today and two new water related words. A. As I was coming out of Finsbury Park station today I heard an announcement: be careful said the voice, because there was an ingress of water. … Continue reading

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Garden notes no 37 beeday at St John’s, Waterloo, july 15th

It was a lovely coincidence of insects – not just bees – and flowers on a sunny day before the burning record breaking heat. The pollen seems extravagantly thrown about. I think it’s a hoverfly, not a bee. The lily … Continue reading

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still in Waterloo

An image of the Imax I found on the internet. Out of sight to the left is Waterloo station. The old Shell building behind the Imax has mostly been demolished and replaced with something much bigger.  In the foreground you … Continue reading

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Garden Notes no 21, picking about the gravel. Verbascum, foxglove, Koelreuteria, etc.

This koelreuteria – sorry, I know, one of the more tricky botanical names, after “Joseph Gottlieb Koelreuter, 1733-1806, professor of natural history at Karlsruhe, a pioneer experimental investigator of plant hybrididization”, aka Pride of India, although it comes from China, … Continue reading

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searching for vibrant, august 2017

(and isn’t it infuriating how they keep turning adjectives into pretentious nouns?) I wrote about my search for the epic, vibrant South Bank here: new outrage in SE1. I’ve been there a few times since, always hopeful. The mix of heritage … Continue reading

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Icons in SE1

David ‘Born to Dare’ Beckham is currently appearing, in rotation with various “punks” for Brewdog, on a monument, a stainless steel hoarding near the Imax roundabout in Waterloo which serves to block off the view of the National Theatre, those … Continue reading

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new outrage in SE1

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a few weeks now. And I’ve got the photos. I can’t decide whether  it’s a completely cynical project by  developers who maybe controlled and perverted the intentions of all those who took … Continue reading

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S. speaks

“This morning I woke up at 10.30 – gone downstairs, she’s doing the mail. –any mail? You’ll have to come back in an hour’s time. Walked round the block – go back – we’re doing change over, come back at … Continue reading

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notes on plants, ideas for the herb garden at St George’s

Ideas for the herb garden at St George’s           ( spring and winter 2011) …and for a Chelsea Fringe walk and talk I went to Kew one summer’s day last year and had a look at the Queen’s Garden, the 17th … Continue reading

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