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Water – meanders

(After the New River – ) After the New River I began to think about water mills. And I received a recovered memory. In Bosnia in about 1969, (not that we knew at the time that it was Bosnia, we … Continue reading

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Here they’ve taken the sky for a colour chart. The sky fills in the ruins. Brand new shutters. I cheated a little – pulled the chairs forward a couple of feet into the light. The can is labelled ‘crinos’, which … Continue reading

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the home fire burning, and rekindled

  After the old boys – well, chiefly Patrick Leigh-Fermor – (see the plant itself ) with their eloquent and scholarly non-stop talk of heroes, heat, old gods, pirates, ecstacies of alcohol, Venetian merchants, Frankish castles, peasant girls whose faces have … Continue reading

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This is a piece I’ve been struggling intermittently to write. There are two little stories you might want to read hidden away among thoughts on names and language and ear worms that you might not want to read. As I … Continue reading

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A piece with people, for Sarah

I stayed recently in Anavriti, a village in the mountains of the Peloponnese, at Guesthouse Arhontiko, a wonderful, welcoming place.( the guesthouse )  Maria somehow combines running it and cooking great food with teaching French down in the valley in Sparta. Her … Continue reading

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Anavriti (in the Peloponnese again)

    (My first visit to the village, in April) Anavriti lies at about 750 metres on the east side of the Taygetos mountains, which run north-south along the central of the three fingers of the southern Peloponnese. These sentences … Continue reading

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