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Olympus 3 Dracunculus, tortoise, the monastery, Dresden, garden notes, etc.

Just outside Litochoro, right by the road, I came across a dracunculus – literally little dragon. When you’ve only ever seen something once it takes on special importance. I was driving slowly but you’d see it even if you flashed … Continue reading

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more on Germany and the war

(see also Remembering and forgetting – the bombing of Dresden, october 2016 Victor Klemperer tells the story of a woman who worked alongside him in the factory – but first I should explain that the handful of Jews who remained in … Continue reading

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more on Dresden

I left off in the Gemalde Gallerie.   It’s not crowded. It’s not too big. Like the city, it’s full of surprises. Here’s the rest of the painting by Cranach which includes the man with the spectacular trousers, who seems … Continue reading

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photos from Germany (hear the truth whoever speaks it)

The Jewish college opposite the Jewish museum in Berlin. The quotation is from Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher whose fairly harmonious life in Muslim Andalucia has become a model for our times: The people of Berlin recently voted in a referendum … Continue reading

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remembering and forgetting, the bombing of Dresden

‘I had to leave there in a hurry I only saw what they let me see’ Bob Dylan, Trying to Get to Heaven (before they close the door) It depends where and when you begin. 1940, shortly before the fall … Continue reading

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