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close to home

I’ll just get this out of the way first – I’m not a moany old git all the time although the temptations and provocations are many – it’s an ad at the bus stop: What on earth does it mean? … Continue reading

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Garden notes no 37 beeday at St John’s, Waterloo, july 15th

It was a lovely coincidence of insects – not just bees – and flowers on a sunny day before the burning record breaking heat. The pollen seems extravagantly thrown about. I think it’s a hoverfly, not a bee. The lily … Continue reading

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garden notes no 36. sorry for my absence. some late spring/early summer flowers.

The rains began two days ago and everything changed again. From just a few days ago… the end of spring – the heat is withering the thalictrum flowers, the welsh poppies seem fragile. You might remember the poppy last year … Continue reading

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Garden Notes No 35, 2021, Echiums (the pain, the glory, the jealousy etc)

I’m still looking for signs of life, finding it hard to believe that it’s dead. But every day it looks deader than the day before. The damage was done during that cold week in february, but at first it seemed … Continue reading

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Olympus 3 Dracunculus, tortoise, the monastery, Dresden, garden notes, etc.

Just outside Litochoro, right by the road, I came across a dracunculus – literally little dragon. When you’ve only ever seen something once it takes on special importance. I was driving slowly but you’d see it even if you flashed … Continue reading

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Olympos 2 – and garden notes

When I wrote that last post, about the Papa Rema valley, how could I have forgotten this? It might have been suddenly discovering again the Italians and their search for Albania that drove it out of my head, even though … Continue reading

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For the future and the past, snapshots including dog

Some photos with notes Homework first. This is a geranium. Got that? 2020 what a great year in the garden. Practically invisible on this phone. Look on a computer if you can. The photo of the echium is one I … Continue reading

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a celebration

I remembered a trip to the shore of the Thames with a few of the Putting Down Roots volunteers. We went to get stuff for our new rock garden in St George’s churchyard in the Borough, near London Bridge. See … Continue reading

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now and then, november 19th

They’re a bit like a row of prophets or saints high up in a cathedral. And they all appear to be of the same person. The words spell out the message THIS IS MY PARK. ? The ever changing series … Continue reading

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the robin, herbivores in the garden, patriotism, utopia

Bryn Terfel was on R3, a little caption speech for Mendelsohn’s ‘Elijah’ which he listened to at a concert years ago with ‘tears rolling down my cheeks’. I don’t think they roll, do they? not in the sense of turning … Continue reading

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