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hand baked no 3, drawing closer to the Kardashian building….

I thought it was time. I’d tried to avoid it for so long, but of course it kept intruding. A trespasser. It dominates a cluster of new buildings. I have photos but now I can hardly tell which one is … Continue reading

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A litany of praise

A slide show litany might be a way to overcome or avoid altogether the difficulties I’m having writing this piece, which is to follow on from my embarrassment at getting lost and being stuck in a little red car when … Continue reading

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Experiencing fully

the cover of the Kew magazine shouts out: the new way to LOVE WINTER What was wrong with the old way, I wonder. And what is the new way? Well, you have to slow down, and STOP, LOOK, LOVE   … Continue reading

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still in Waterloo

An image of the Imax I found on the internet. Out of sight to the left is Waterloo station. The old Shell building behind the Imax has mostly been demolished and replaced with something much bigger.  In the foreground you … Continue reading

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garden notes 31, giving up the inula, salvias patens and uliginosa, scientists, Heathrow, myrtle – old wood and new wood

 At Heathrow airport, in Terminal 5 departures a series of glass cases show artefacts and copies of artefacts which were found during the building works. One of the biggest archaeological investigations in history. Obviously, since Terminal 5 goes on for … Continue reading

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garden notes no 28, inside the lily

Here are the pollen laden anthers of a newly opened flower of Lilium longifolium. They are attached to a slender thread called a filament. (I’m writing this out to teach myself as much as you.) Together, anther and filament make … Continue reading

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Garden Notes no. 19 geraniums and pelargoniums

  Geranium (psilostemon)   Pelargonium (sidoides) Geranium (sanguineum) Pelargonium (Royal Oak) Geranium (pratense) Pelargonium (Sweet Mimosa) Geranium (palmatum) Pelargonium (Cola Bottles) Geranium (robertianum, herb robert) Pelargonium (Lemon Fancy) Geranium (pyrenaicum) Pelargonium (the one that used to be common in chip … Continue reading

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some notes (on marketing, brexit and language)

I am sorry to announce that I was on a train from Paddington to St Austell just before christmas and as we travelled through the silver-grey Somerset floods in a leisurely row row row your boat sort of way the … Continue reading

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from my diaries for 2016

I ordered some more sunflower seeds from the RSPB and at the end of the transaction appeared the phrase “I helped give nature a home”. Will nature give me one? July 9    from pocket to pocket, to the mantelpiece, … Continue reading

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Names (of limited interest)

I wrote and quoted the below some time ago. I actually looked for it in my blog for some time before I realised that it was unfinished and ‘unpublished’. Here it is, unedited. I came back to it because I’ve … Continue reading

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