hand baked no 3, drawing closer to the Kardashian building….

I thought it was time. I’d tried to avoid it for so long, but of course it kept intruding. A trespasser. It dominates a cluster of new buildings. I have photos but now I can hardly tell which one is which. When you try to see inside sometimes you only see yourself.

the Kardashian building, aka 1, Blackfriars

yes, that’s it. They’re trying to be anonymous. This place screams at you from all over central London then when you get close it goes coy. (Maybe the Kardashians are at home? Privacy is the only thing celebs like as much as publicity.) Round the back, or is it the front, you see this:

bedding at the back of the Kardashian building

It’s beyond satire. Here’s another one, it has a name:

alto, SE1

Yes, it’s alto. It’s tall. It also has a shy, mysterious, intimidating foyer, with alliums:

It was a baffling half hour for the dog. Hot, too. On one side of this tower is the label ‘alto’ and on another it says, as you can see, South Bank Tower, So maybe they don’t know what it’s called, and they’re just waiting for a nickname, like, I don’t know, Ozymandias Lodge maybe. Nearby is this one:

wpp, ogilvy, wavemaker

It gives you a little info. I looked up the names.

WPP is the creative transformation company. We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, clients and communities.

Wavemaker: Our mission is to make the future because we were created to reinvent the media agency.

At Ogilvy, we design the brand; we turn the brand into an experience; and we communicate the brand’s story. We make brands matter. Learn more about Ogilvy’s …

At Ogilvy UK we inspire brands and people to impact the world.

I can’t remember what else it said on their websites, except that one of them, or maybe all of them are very excited about the next football world cup in Qatar. And they’re all LGBTQ ready.

There are still some little treasures to be seen, here and there. I took this photo through the window of a train in Paddington station:

the frills of Paddington

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1 Response to hand baked no 3, drawing closer to the Kardashian building….

  1. Myna says:

    Thanks Jonny, especially for the horizontal lines of Paddington.

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