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In the cellar with Phil

may 29 6am got up at half five for the dawn chorus. there wasn’t one. What made me think of Phil? Three or four years ago Matt moved into the ground floor flat next door. He was cheery and neighbourly … Continue reading

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Maria and the museum in Exochori

April 18, as scribbled in my notebook: a story which she will never forget – not any detail of it – and which I cannot remember. as it rolled and swelled I did a kind of orchestration by saying, every … Continue reading

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hand-baked no. 4: come, friendly bombs!

How exciting! And look, here are some happy people! And St Paul’s, there’s always room for St Paul’s – there’s hardly anything else left. And things, nice things, random things, lots of fun: A better tomorrow! with bicycles, birds and … Continue reading

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Lonesome deaths (or the inconvenience of dearth)

Bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time for your tears’The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll, Bob Dylan Across the world between 1876 and 1879 drought induced famine led to the deaths of millions of people. The … Continue reading

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a walk in South East London

First I took the train from Stoke Newington to Liverpool Street and walked through our new little Manhattan off Bishopsgate to see the latest skyscrapers we used to call them and the weather was and has been for some time … Continue reading

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…. and a post script to the last piece, which could go on and on but here’s just one interesting picture. By early May the snow on the ski runs on Parnassos has melted and the stony base of one … Continue reading

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still in Waterloo

An image of the Imax I found on the internet. Out of sight to the left is Waterloo station. The old Shell building behind the Imax has mostly been demolished and replaced with something much bigger.  In the foreground you … Continue reading

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the robin, herbivores in the garden, patriotism, utopia

Bryn Terfel was on R3, a little caption speech for Mendelsohn’s ‘Elijah’ which he listened to at a concert years ago with ‘tears rolling down my cheeks’. I don’t think they roll, do they? not in the sense of turning … Continue reading

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garden notes 31, giving up the inula, salvias patens and uliginosa, scientists, Heathrow, myrtle – old wood and new wood

 At Heathrow airport, in Terminal 5 departures a series of glass cases show artefacts and copies of artefacts which were found during the building works. One of the biggest archaeological investigations in history. Obviously, since Terminal 5 goes on for … Continue reading

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some notes (on marketing, brexit and language)

I am sorry to announce that I was on a train from Paddington to St Austell just before christmas and as we travelled through the silver-grey Somerset floods in a leisurely row row row your boat sort of way the … Continue reading

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