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Contextualisation Jan 17

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‘I cried to dream again’, Caliban in the Tempest

The back of Mount Olympus from the road between Ano Skotina and Kriovrisi; the summits are hidden. And now the other side, facing the sea, where crowds gather for the popular drama I will not panic. I will not throw … Continue reading

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Here’s another favourite, also from Slovenia, an orchid which loves mountain woodland and thrives inconspicuously even in deep shade, though this one was right by the edge of a road. It’s called Epipactis atrorubens. We call it a helleborine. Its … Continue reading

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This is driving me mad. This technology I mean. It’s taken me hours to do this        

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For the future and the past,

Some photos with notes Homework first. This is a geranium. Got that? 2020 what a great year in the garden. Practically invisible on this phone. Look on a computer if you can. The photo of the echium is one I … Continue reading

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My computer is broken

and the helpful man in Stamford Hill Computers is trying to find a mother board, interesting term, but she won’t be arriving for some time. It took me a while to find my password, which I don’t need on the … Continue reading

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Experiencing fully

the cover of the Kew magazine shouts out: the new way to LOVE WINTER What was wrong with the old way, I wonder. And what is the new way? Well, you have to slow down, and STOP, LOOK, LOVE   … Continue reading

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a celebration

I remembered a trip to the shore of the Thames with a few of the Putting Down Roots volunteers. We went to get stuff for our new rock garden in St George’s churchyard in the Borough, near London Bridge. See … Continue reading

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still in Waterloo

An image of the Imax I found on the internet. Out of sight to the right is Waterloo station. The old Shell building behind the Imax has mostly been demolished and replaced with something much bigger.  In the foreground you … Continue reading

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now and then, november 19th

They’re a bit like a row of prophets or saints high up in a cathedral. And they all appear to be of the same person. The words spell out the message THIS IS MY PARK. ? The ever changing series … Continue reading

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