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hand-baked no. 4: come, friendly bombs!

How exciting! And look, here are some happy people! And St Paul’s, there’s always room for St Paul’s – there’s hardly anything else left. And things, nice things, random things, lots of fun: A better tomorrow! with bicycles, birds and … Continue reading

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Lonesome deaths (or the inconvenience of dearth)

Bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time for your tears’The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll, Bob Dylan Across the world between 1876 and 1879 drought induced famine led to the deaths of millions of people. The … Continue reading

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Garden notes no 37 beeday at St John’s, Waterloo, july 15th

It was a lovely coincidence of insects – not just bees – and flowers on a sunny day before the burning record breaking heat. The pollen seems extravagantly thrown about. I think it’s a hoverfly, not a bee. The lily … Continue reading

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hand baked no 3, drawing closer to the Kardashian building….

I thought it was time. I’d tried to avoid it for so long, but of course it kept intruding. A trespasser. It dominates a cluster of new buildings. I have photos but now I can hardly tell which one is … Continue reading

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hand baked in small batches using locally sourced ingredients no. 2

The other day I saw a headless rat on the pavement. Luckily I found an old pale blue face mask in my pocket. So I picked up the rat and dropped it in the litter bin. I looked around, no … Continue reading

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hand baked in small batches from locally sourced ingredients, 1.

I sometimes come home from working in St John’s churchyard at Waterloo by walking along the South Bank and getting the Thameslink train from the new station on Blackfriars Bridge to Finsbury Park. Another monster development is underway. Hoardings display … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods,

but first I passed the eventful hoarding at the end of the street. I was pleased to see that someone had torn a strip off one of the posters so that it read THE EAR INDEX. (I think it’s a … Continue reading

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some photos, and a last goodbye to 2021

bet you can’t guess why this person is smiling? Here’s why: See? Try it today. Everywhere I go I see pictures of people with stupid smiles. She’s in an advert for a departure lounge at Heathrow. The real people, also … Continue reading

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a walk in South East London

First I took the train from Stoke Newington to Liverpool Street and walked through our new little Manhattan off Bishopsgate to see the latest skyscrapers we used to call them and the weather was and has been for some time … Continue reading

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garden notes no 36. sorry for my absence. some late spring/early summer flowers.

The rains began two days ago and everything changed again. From just a few days ago… the end of spring – the heat is withering the thalictrum flowers, the welsh poppies seem fragile. You might remember the poppy last year … Continue reading

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