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Water – meanders

(After the New River – ) After the New River I began to think about water mills. And I received a recovered memory. In Bosnia in about 1969, (not that we knew at the time that it was Bosnia, we … Continue reading

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Water – a diversion, a tributary

I spent a few wet days in the Kiental, in Switzerland, in 2012. Looking again at my photos I see that water became the subject. Like many valleys in that part of the Alps, between the Valais and the Bernese … Continue reading

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more on water

I had meant to go back to the beginnings of my recent experiences of water, in Greece, last year, to get away from this late January moment in London where water is not quite liquid, not quite frozen; a sticky … Continue reading

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hand baked from locally sourced ingredients 6, water (2), the New River

The New River is an aqueduct constructed in the 17th century to bring drinking water into London. It follows the 100 foot contour of the Lea valley from its source in Hertfordshire to Islington. It was 39 miles long, including … Continue reading

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hand baked no 5: water

Many of water’s properties are quite bizarre. It is the only chemical that can exist as a solid, liquid and gas at ambient conditions. Felix Flicker in the Magic of Matter. It’s his real name, by the way. Although of … Continue reading

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The rucksack

The day I left Anavriti in June I was careful and well organised. In the big rucksack which was booked for the hold of the plane were old walking trainers, dirty clothes, maps and books, paracetamol and ibuprofen, long johns, … Continue reading

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Here they’ve taken the sky for a colour chart. The sky fills in the ruins. Brand new shutters. I cheated a little – pulled the chairs forward a couple of feet into the light. The can is labelled ‘crinos’, which … Continue reading

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the people who walked in darkness…..

My mind was on other things but for light entertainment I chose yellow Sternbergia in an olive grove in the Peloponnese, late October.

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hand-baked no. 4: come, friendly bombs!

How exciting! And look, here are some happy people! And St Paul’s, there’s always room for St Paul’s – there’s hardly anything else left. And things, nice things, random things, lots of fun: A better tomorrow! with bicycles, birds and … Continue reading

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Lonesome deaths (or the inconvenience of dearth)

Bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time for your tears’The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll, Bob Dylan Across the world between 1876 and 1879 drought induced famine led to the deaths of millions of people. The … Continue reading

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