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garden notes no 36. sorry for my absence. some late spring/early summer flowers.

The rains began two days ago and everything changed again. From just a few days ago… the end of spring – the heat is withering the thalictrum flowers, the welsh poppies seem fragile. You might remember the poppy last year … Continue reading

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Garden Notes No 35, 2021, Echiums (the pain, the glory, the jealousy etc)

I’m still looking for signs of life, finding it hard to believe that it’s dead. But every day it looks deader than the day before. The damage was done during that cold week in february, but at first it seemed … Continue reading

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A litany of praise

A slide show litany might be a way to overcome or avoid altogether the difficulties I’m having writing this piece, which is to follow on from my embarrassment at getting lost and being stuck in a little red car when … Continue reading

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Olympus 5 – getting lost on the way to Ano Skotina, of walking and fairies

My journey to the ‘sweet little cabin in the woods’ started well, I took Campanula incurva as a good omen. The road up into the hills leaves the coast here. Agamemnon is advertised. I was about to leave my guides … Continue reading

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But it’s not what you think. But it is another diversion before I finally confront my embarrassing and revealing little adventure at the back of Olympus. After staying for a few days in Litochoro and walking in the Papa Rema … Continue reading

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…. and a post script to the last piece, which could go on and on but here’s just one interesting picture. By early May the snow on the ski runs on Parnassos has melted and the stony base of one … Continue reading

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stepping aside from Olympus….

… and from the story of my humiliation, which I want to be funny, because humiliation or at least embarrassment is amusing – it’s how you tell it of course – not just the humiliation but feelings of envy and … Continue reading

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the back of Olympos

Last word on the little dragon from Edward Lear in Crete in 1864: ‘brutal-filthy yet picturesque’. My friends Jay and Tina also saw it in Crete, more recently. And Jay had a very different experience near Olympus: “In 1966 a … Continue reading

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Olympus Olympos 4 and an apology…

Taking inspiration from my favourite announcement at Finsbury Park station: ‘we apologise for the late running of this service, this is due to a problem currently under investigation.’ I promised myself that I would give up pathetic old man tech … Continue reading

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Olympus 3 Dracunculus, tortoise, the monastery, Dresden, garden notes, etc.

Just outside Litochoro, right by the road, I came across a dracunculus – literally little dragon. When you’ve only ever seen something once it takes on special importance. I was driving slowly but you’d see it even if you flashed … Continue reading

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