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The rucksack

The day I left Anavriti in June I was careful and well organised. In the big rucksack which was booked for the hold of the plane were old walking trainers, dirty clothes, maps and books, paracetamol and ibuprofen, long johns, … Continue reading

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the people who walked in darkness…..

My mind was on other things but for light entertainment I chose yellow Sternbergia in an olive grove in the Peloponnese, late October.

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garden notes no 36. sorry for my absence. some late spring/early summer flowers.

The rains began two days ago and everything changed again. From just a few days ago… the end of spring – the heat is withering the thalictrum flowers, the welsh poppies seem fragile. You might remember the poppy last year … Continue reading

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lockdown notes

This is driving me mad. This technology I mean. It’s taken me hours to do this

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My computer is broken

and the helpful man in Stamford Hill Computers is trying to find a mother board, interesting term, but she won’t be arriving for some time. It took me a while to find my password, which I don’t need on the … Continue reading

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garden notes no. 30 Allium angulosum, morning glory, cleansing cobwebs, bees and bulbs

Red hot pokers are named for their unattractive orangey-red nakedness. But this yellow one is nice, and in a social gathering, clustered, not theatrically isolated. This little clump has been growing at St John’s for years, and stands up well … Continue reading

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garden notes no 29, dahlias, bees, Keats again, a little rant, a mountain memory

What bees and sparrows have in common is their ability to ignore the human presence. This makes it easier to “take part in their existence”. (Keats, see Garden Notes no 21, but here it is again: “I scarcely remember counting … Continue reading

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Nice people, nice dogs

August 24th. First day back from Laurieston. as the dog and I made our way up towards the fountain by the house so she could have a drink, I saw some pure silver bunches of honesty, a good four feet … Continue reading

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on the train again

I am sorry to announce that I was on a train from Paddington to St Austell just before Christmas and as we travelled through the silver-grey Somerset floods in a leisurely row row row your boat sort of way the … Continue reading

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in Clissold Park again

following meanwhile in Clissold Park… They’ve been dumping mounds of horse manure over the beds by the house in Clissold Park, the beds I wrote about last year which were being overwhelmed by bindweed, nettles, thistles and buttercup. Mostly bindweed, the … Continue reading

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