• quick – while the puppies are asleep
in Chrystafa, Parnon, Peloponnese

Here they’ve taken the sky for a colour chart.

in Anavriti


Chora – part of Exochori, in the Mani

The sky fills in the ruins. Brand new shutters.

in Prasteio in the Mani, Peloponnese
Vaidenitsa monastery near Exochori

I cheated a little – pulled the chairs forward a couple of feet into the light.

can and crocus at Pirgos Dirou in the Mani

The can is labelled ‘crinos’, which means lily. I found a bin for it after taking the photo. The crocus is C. goulimyi, one of many autumn flowering crocuses in the Peloponnese.

the Taygetos mountains from the plane

All except one of these photos – the one in Papigo, the last one – were taken on one side of these mountains or the other.


A favourite ruin. If I was young, rich and stupid this is the ruin I would restore. Alas, I’m only stupid. I though I might compromise by painting the kitchen those colours but it’s hard to find the right shades in B and Q.

in Papigo, Zagori, north western Greece

Look! Blue and yellow again.

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2 Responses to Blue(s)

  1. Myna says:

    Fantastic Jonny.

  2. Making something work for a picture isn’t cheating. My friend Vanessa’s blue that you saw on a ceiling in Ramsgate is from a company I Bristol I think. It’s intense. Wd you like me to ask her for the name of her suppliers? Lovely pictures

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