lockdown notes

Gosling in lockdown
Conker tree in lockdown

This is driving me mad. This technology I mean. It’s taken me hours to do this

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2 Responses to lockdown notes

  1. tinastclares says:

    Hello Jonathan
    Don’t start me on technology, just don’t. Every time you send a post I write a response, well nearly every time, and it will not let me post and I forget that until Ive laboured on a hot iPad with mangled or sinister limbs. And I am a subscriber! so sod it, here’s a dinosaur email. They are beautiful pictures tho. That gosling!

    I know jay has written a thank you for our Christmas goodies, at least I hope he has, but I’m sorry I couldn’t till now, not until my arm was functioning again. I’m sitting in our kitchen opposite those wonderful morning glories up on the wall. They do cheer me up so much. I think it’s your best yet, the calendar. And thank you for the Laurieston pic. We have a frame that will fit it if you don’t mind having your right foot removed. A brilliant bit of crowd control! Pity you weren’t on Capitol Hill, bet you could’ve distracted all those honkies with a lovely group photo for the folks back home. And also thankyou for Gaby’s artwork which I will keep. Say thank you to him? And lots more love to Caro.

    I wonder what you did do at Christmas? We hadn’t banked on seeing anyone anyway but had planned to go for a walk with Soph and Lil then do a distant present exchange over a cup of coffee. Mike was planning to stay with them as this was their first real Christmas as a family of two. (Last year was just after it all and with all of us at ours which was hard for them in a different way). So M couldn’t come and in the end neither could we as Magi who I’d seen outdoors but not that distantly, had a positive test and we had to isolate until New Years Day. I didn’t really care about us but I was so sorry for them. And their cat went missing presumed dead the week before…

    Now they are in the throes of moving to Exeter with all the charity shops/ dealers whereSoph had planned to offload her junk defunct. It’s hard for her doing it all by herself – Lily’s a bit clueless. I won’t start to feel any better untilat least Sophs had the vaccine.

    And, as well as all that,Jays stepmother was in a and e twice in December; the second time they kept her in 10 days till Boxing Day night. No definitive diagnosis or prognosis. In solitary with a malfunctioning, mostly out of reach phone and radio 2 for company and unable to read for cataracts. She’s home now, a wreck compared with a month ago. Jays sister is looking after her until she can get carers installed…
    So yes I’m fed up and miserable and fearful. No one expects the global epidemic.

    Oh dear, I didn’t mean to start on this tale of woe-it just ran away with me! I’m trying to plan or at least imagine nice times when we’ve all had our vaccines and Caro is feeling stronger and we can all see each other again and preferably have hugs (when my right arm is up to it) and go walking (sightseeing in my case) in Torridon or Dartmoor or the Peloponnese and I can have friends in my house and cook for them.

    In the meantime,Moll and Chris and Audrey and Rosa are doing well, very busy with distant schooling and distant work. And Amy and Joel and Adelaide are good, if slightly crazed by lockdown. Addies at nursery 3 days a week – they’re treading the tightrope between risk and madness. Ads reading and writing is coming on apace as is her interest in the universe, talking constellations not Kant. Her Mum says she keeps reminding her she’s three but Ad told her she “feels six inside”. I blame the parents.

    Anyway ducks, jay is about to serve up the stew. Wish you were here to share it. Give our love to the girls, specially Rosie. Pleeeeeease come and stay as soon as you can! You can bring Skili. And Jay says the same.
    xxxxx T


    Sent from my iPad

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