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still in Waterloo

An image of the Imax I found on the internet. Out of sight to the left is Waterloo station. The old Shell building behind the Imax has mostly been demolished and replaced with something much bigger.  In the foreground you … Continue reading

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round and round in my head

A nice surprise yesterday, a comment on Peniarth-uchaf and Peniarth Uchaf 2, nearly seven years after I wrote them. I liked that place and the pieces I wrote about it. Here’s the Kardashian building again, which has been nick-named the … Continue reading

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Garden notes no 24, garden notes

Spring is intoxicating but summer brings headaches.  The leaves on one of my lovely Salvia patens look like a cross section through a diseased lung. After the hot spring, exile from the greenhouse for the morning glories was like going … Continue reading

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See also:

see also: Deviations, Boundaries, Prohibitions, (revised) tracks, ribbons, edges and boundaries….. the dog tries to make sense of it all underground the worms and moles have their routes and channels In the mountain forest the path of the big ants … Continue reading

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some notes (on marketing, brexit and language)

I am sorry to announce that I was on a train from Paddington to St Austell just before christmas and as we travelled through the silver-grey Somerset floods in a leisurely row row row your boat sort of way the … Continue reading

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searching for vibrant, august 2017

(and isn’t it infuriating how they keep turning adjectives into pretentious nouns?) I wrote about my search for the epic, vibrant South Bank here: new outrage in SE1. I’ve been there a few times since, always hopeful. The mix of heritage … Continue reading

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Icons in SE1

David ‘Born to Dare’ Beckham is currently appearing, in rotation with various “punks” for Brewdog, on a monument, a stainless steel hoarding near the Imax roundabout in Waterloo which serves to block off the view of the National Theatre, those … Continue reading

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new outrage in SE1

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a few weeks now. And I’ve got the photos. I can’t decide whether  it’s a completely cynical project by  developers who maybe controlled and perverted the intentions of all those who took … Continue reading

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‘because I’m a ceramicist’

I read in the Evening Standard that an exhibition is being held of little pots. Someone went on a tour of the building works at London Bridge station and saw the stuff they were digging out of the ground and … Continue reading

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back on familiar ground

see also remembering and forgetting, the bombing of Dresden I was soon back home on familiar ground, where the obligation to remember certain things in certain ways grows ever stronger. Mrs May is outraged that the England football team is not … Continue reading

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