a celebration

I remembered a trip to the shore of the Thames with a few of the Putting Down Roots volunteers. We went to get stuff for our new rock garden in St George’s churchyard in the Borough, near London Bridge. See also on Mint Street. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, just stone and bone, glass and shell, brick and tile.

They deserve to be remembered and I’m feeling nostalgic, so here are a few more photos. I know one or two didn’t like to have their pictures taken so of course I’m not including any photos of them. Most of them have at one time or another signed a form saying that St Mungo’s could use pictures of them. And anyway, I won’t give their names.

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1 Response to a celebration

  1. Liz says:

    I love your garden in the churchyard. Thank you and all who work in it. It gives much joy to many.

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