Garden Notes number six, more hellebores

I said I’d bring you more delightful spring flowers – they are on their way, but first, I’m still crazy about Helleborus x hybridus. (The ‘x’ by the way is put into a name to show that it’s a hybrid, and in this case is clearly redundant.)

Look how they’re changing. These photos were taken today, April 3

The seeds are fattening


I realise that all these hellebore pictures are taken from the front, as it were. So here are two from the back.

And here’s the elegant and neglected Helleborus argutifolius, which most gardeners still know as H. corsicus. Maybe they changed the name because it is also found in Sardinia.

Maybe we take them for granted because they all look much the same, which is pretty normal for a proper species; they don’t have that hybrid excitement.

So there’s only time now for one more spring flower, and it has to be honesty. This is Part One of an epic flowering.

We’ll watch it grow….


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