Peniarth Uchaf 2

I was reluctant to write a conclusion, because of its banality, and because I’m embarrassed that I didn’t read the landscape more clearly at first.

The combination of order and confusion, of care and neglect, gives a special feeling to the estate. The agricultural buildings are all dilapidated, but the main house and cottages are kept up.  The woodland is thick with both saplings and dying trees and fallen branches, but the paths and verges are neat, and the grass in the almost empty walled garden is mown. Mowing and strimming stand in for all other kinds of maintenance and management. The wilderness of the woods has clean edges. There are no vegetables in the walled garden but no nettles and thistles either and mown grass lends a sense of orderliness.

I googled Peniarth-uchaf to try to find out about the history of the estate and found the web sites of book cottages, cottage choice, cottage reservations, cottages4you,  welsh country cottages,  visit midwales,  travelpod,  drivingwithdogs,  accommodation britain, apartments.oodle, uk holiday shop, world,,  self, trip advisor, wales directory. So that peculiar combination of neatness and decay is the world of the holiday rental. And the friendly notice on the door of the walled garden, allowing us entry if we bolt the door behind us afterwards,  is addressed, not to the curious traveller, but to the tenants.

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2 Responses to Peniarth Uchaf 2

  1. Cbroadbridge says:

    I spent many holidays at this house visiting my boyfriends parents – it had been in the family for two hundred years until I believe it be came too much for them and the sold the properties . It was such a charming estate with so many stories. I believe it at first was used as the hunting lodge for this Shrewsberry family. Ended life with them as a B&B for the Corbett’s to have company and an income. The property was loved – the walled garden had apple trees alone in the 90s but the treasure was when the forest bloomed with yards as as the great grand father collelcted these plants and have some rare varieties. The garden you may have walked through was used for four wheeling fun and long walks to the other cottages on the property .I was given storage of an asentric grandmother who made servants carry her up to a summer cottage on the side of carder idirs but I was never taken to this cottage perhaps it no longer exist

  2. thankyou so much for these comments! I wonder how it looks now? I haven’t been through there for a few years – Jonathan

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