some photos, and a last goodbye to 2021

bet you can’t guess why this person is smiling?

Here’s why:

See? Try it today.

Everywhere I go I see pictures of people with stupid smiles.

She’s in an advert for a departure lounge at Heathrow. The real people, also in a departure lounge, but not one you have to pay extra for, are not smiling. The next one you might have seen before. She’s smiling because she’s vaping. She’s stuck onto a disused phone box round the corner here.

These girls are smiling because they’re pissed and it’s Christmas, which makes some kind of sense. But I continue to feel resentful about the complete enclosure of this large open space in Waterloo by huge adverts, and by the BFI having to prostitute itself to fund itself.

It’s not all smiles of course. Look at this poor girl. I think she’s supposed to be going out to have fun, but she looks like she should be going to detox and rehab:

Advertisers love the imax so much that they’ve even used it in an advert:

Here it is again:

Sometimes I really hate white trainers. When they’re really really white. Absolutely white. And I hate his car. And I hate him. Let me remind you -you can read about it if you click on Waterloo in the tags bit of the menu – that the Imax cinema was originally given planning permission for a series of displays of works of art, if it’s ok to use that term, and that only one was ever displayed before the whole space was given over to adverts. Also in Waterloo, much less obvious, tucked away in the shadow of the station, is this:

This is what we all need:

And this, after so much outrage:

Just one more, from a quiet corner of Stoke Newington:


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2 Responses to some photos, and a last goodbye to 2021

  1. Judy says:

    Who’s the young man in the last photo? Almost looks like it could be a memorial photo.

  2. lorinco says:

    Thanks Jonathan, you have made me laugh out loud today with this, which I needed.
    Lorin x

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