some more poppies

This is Papaver rhaeticum, growing in the wide stony Morteratsch valley in the Engadine. Here a path follows the two kilometre, 130 year retreat of the glacier, and signs record the position of the tongue at ten year intervals.

Papaver rhaeticum


The rest are opium poppies from St John’s churchyard in Waterloo and in Mint Street Park in the Borough, near London Bridge.




2010_06_24_2247 2010_06_24_2281 2010_06_24_2282


You get some idea of the variations which plant breeders love to work on. The ‘double’ – the one with the frills – is one in a thousand or three. Reds and deeper pink singles are more common.

And here’s a scene at Mint Street with the common poppy, the corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas


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