photos of the Kindertransport memorial

the little girl with the cautionary tales of Struwelpeter

the girl almost hidden

the girl abused

inside and outside the glassthe girl with a strangerFA girl and new threat to SvenHeidiAttention Smokers!    the new childrensame old rubbish


close up

the new children keep their heads up

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2 Responses to photos of the Kindertransport memorial

  1. rosie says:

    Dad, did I tell you we saw the other end of the memorial in Berlin, Hauptbahnhopf (sp??) or maybe another station. Maybe Friedrichschain? I have some photos, I’ll try and send you them.
    Rosie x

  2. Antony says:

    I enjoyed looking at these photos and your posts about the Kindertransport. I am in a discussion group with Myna and we spent some time this week thinking about the meaning of the statues and the various ways in which people interact with them and the space around them. It was very stimulating! I have like having a look at other parts of your blog too!

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